The Water Footprint of Modern Consumer Society

Hoekstra's most recent book explores the full water footprint of consumer goods. It guides governments, companies, investors and consumers on how to reduce water footprints where necessary. An inspiring must-read for everyone interested in sustainable, efficient and equitable water use.

The Water Footprint Assessment Manual

The book sets the global standard for the calculation of water footprints of products, companies, consumers and nations. It also describes how to assess the sustainability of a water footprint and includes an extensive library of measures that can contribute to water footprint reduction.

Globalization of Water: Sharing the Planet's Freshwater Resources

The book critically examines the relationship between globalization and sustainable water management. It explores the impact of international trade on local water depletion and pollution, explores the water footprints of nations, and identifies “water dependent” regions.

Perspectives on Water

In this innovative text, the author employs an integrated and explorative model approach to develop perspective-based water scenarios in the context of future population growth, economic and technological development, land use changes and global warming.