Hoekstra has been teaching in a variety of subjects, including: water resources management, river basin management, hydrology and water quality, water footprint assessment, sustainable development, natural resources valuation, environmental systems analysis, and policy analysis. At the University of Twente, Hoekstra currently provides an annual Bachelor course on Water (Nov-Jan), a Master course Water Footprint Assessment (Sep-Oct) and an Honours Course on Flood Security (May-Jun). Hoekstra has developed various educational tools, including the E-Learning Course on Water Footprint Assessment, the River Basin Game and the Globalization of Water Role Play.

Download article on computer-supported games and role plays in teaching water management: PDF

Water Footprint E-Learning Course

This e-learning course gives an introduction to the concept of water footprint and its application. There are five modules, each of which takes around 45 minutes.

  • Module 1: Water Footprint Concept
  • Module 2: Water Footprint and Global Water Management
  • Module 3: Water Footprint and Governmental Policy
  • Module 4: Water Footpring and Corporate Strategy
  • Module 5: Calculating Water Footprint

The course has been developed for the World Bank Institute by the University of Twente in collaboration with the Water Footprint Network. The course is regularly offered in the form of a “facilitated e-learning course” which includes additional exercises and interaction with experts. Look for the next upcoming course in the agenda of the Water Footprint Network

River Basin Game

In this game, participants are farmers trying to optimise their benefits by irrigating their fields. They have enough fertile land; water is the limiting factor. The game realistically illustrates various phenomena that take place when people use water in a river basin. Participants will learn about ‘the tragedy of the commons’, about cooperation, free-rider behaviour and upstream-downstream effects.

The game can be played at different levels, from secondary school and university level up to the professional level; the facilitator will have to adjust explanations and feedback according to the level of the participants. With whatever group you play, it’s always fun and a great learning experience.

Download full set of materials: ZIP

Globalization of Water Role Play

Water resources management cannot be seen separate from the national consumption pattern and trade. As water is used elsewhere for the production of commodities that are imported, consumers have a ´water footprint´ outside their national borders. The aim of the role play is to get hands-on experience with the links between national consumption of food, natural fibres and bio-energy from agriculture on the one hand and the use of water resources across the globe.

In the role play there are four countries that aim to develop. As a participant, you are member of the cabinet of one of those countries and responsible for meeting development objectives. But you also care about your global water footprint and about meeting environmental flow requirements in your country.

The role play is supported by an excel-model, four game boards (one for each country), water and commodity notes, role descriptions, country data sheets and a ppt-presentation for providing introduction and feedback. If you are interested in playing the game and getting the full set of materials, fill out and sign below license agreement and e-mail to a.y.hoekstra@utwente.nl.

Hand-out to Participants: PDF | Facilitator Guide: PDF | License Agreement Form: DOC

Water Footprint PowerPoint Presentation

This presentation provides an introduction to Water Footprint Assessment in fifty slides. It explains basic concepts, such as green, blue and grey water footprint, and gives examples of Water Footprint Assessment for products, companies and geographic areas. It summarizes what consumers, companies, investors, and governments can do to reduce water footprints where necessary. The presentation can be freely used for educational purposes. Please ask permission if you want to use the presentation for commercial purposes.

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